CinnoVex(Interferon beta-1a)

It is used to treat relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis to slow the progression of disability andreduce relapses.

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The drug CinnoVex (interferon beta 1a) is for people who suffer from multiple sclerosis. Do not confuse the term "multiple sclerosis" with just "sclerosis". Sclerosis affects elderly persons, their memory is disturbed by the fact that the body is aging and many important cells in this case are responsible for memory die off. A disease of multiple sclerosis can occur with young people and in middle age. This is due to destruction the myelin sheath of nerve fibers of the brain and spinal cord. And at the same time several parts of the nervous system are affected, hence the name "multiple." Thus there is loss of muscle control, deteriorating vision and sensitivity. By the way, the risk of developing multiple sclerosis depends on where you live and the man's belonging to a race. MS disease has spread mainly among European race.

innoVex (interferon beta 1a) is an efficient help at this disease. After a few times of its use you will see a positive results. Before you start the treatment, please, carefully read the instructions for use, dosage and possible side effects.

You should also consult your doctor. The instructions for use you can find on our website.

The drug innoVex (interferon beta 1a) is sold in Moscow. To find information on its acquisition, go to the tab "Where to buy". There are nearly two million people suffer by multiple sclerosis worldwide. The disease is fairly common. innoVex is sold in many countries. We want to help people who suffer from multiple sclerosis and see it`s number decreased. For the development and testing of the innoVex has left plenty of time, the drug is well tested, so you can safely use it.

CinnoVex (interferon beta 1a) protects against the progression of multiple sclerosis and reduces exacerbation of his attacks. With a course of innoVex, you will get rid of the disease and return to normal life. We will help you to overcome the disease multiple sclerosis.

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Clinical trials

Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic tests together with clinical studies in over 1600 patientshave shown the efficacy and safety of CinnoVex.

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