About CinnoVex - Cinnovex - treatment of multiple sclerosis

About CinnoVex

With more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing of molecular biology, biopharmaceutical and diagnostic products, CinnaGen has been able to be well known nationally and internationally. CinnaGen currently manufactures more than 42 products and distributes to more than 120 different laboratories in 5 Continents. CinnaGen as the pioneer of biotech in the region with research and development goals has gathered high number of experts with extensive experience in areas of molecular biology, recombinant DNA technology and cell biology as the back bone of our new products. In addition, CinnaGen has opened a new door for other manufacturers in the region to play as the research and production consultant in the area of biotechnology for development of new products.

In the Russian Federation, the company presents CinnoVex for the treatment of multiple sclerosis - INN interferon beta-1a.

CinnoVex - is recombinant human interferon beta-1a.

The product was obtained by genetic engineering in Chinese hamster ovary cells. It is a glycated polypeptide containing 166 amino acids with a molecular weight of 22,500. Amino acid sequence corresponds to the natural human interferon beta.

CinnoVex - a drug of last generation, it is easier to use: 1 time in a week by intramuscular injection, in contrast to its analogues, which are have to be injected 3 times a week subcutaneously.

The company is active in the market, participate in scientific conferences, such as in Canada at a congress of neurologists gave a report on the comparative clinical trials of Avonex and CinnoVex. Regularly participates in conferences neurologists in Asia (in Syria in May 2010, for example).

Brand CinnoVex registered in the European Union.

Currently CinnoVex registered in Russia, Armenia, Syria, parts of Latin America.