Dosage - Cinnovex - treatment of multiple sclerosis

Instructions for proper use

Take your medicine as your doctor has advised. The usual dose of CinnoVex™ is 30μg (6 million IU) (1 ml of reconstitutedsolution in the vial) injected once a week if possible, at the same time onthe same day every week. Method and route of administration: CinnoVex™ should be injected into the muscle. The injection site shouldchange every week.

Instruction for reconstitution and injection:
CinnoVex™ is intended for use under the guidance and supervision of a doctor.Patients may self-inject if their doctor determines that it is appropriateand after proper training in intramuscular injection technique has been given. The following instruction is provided for the person injecting CinnoVex™.

Setting up:
Each individual dose package includes a vial of CinnoVex™, an ampouleof solvent, a syringe and a needle for injection. It is a good idea to havealcohol swabs and sticking plasters ready. After washing your hand, find a clean surface to lay out the components. Remove the lid of the dose package carefully. Remove the red flip cap of vial containing CinnoVex™ slowly.

Reconstitution with solvent:

  1. Keep the end of vial containing lyophilized powder and disinfect therubber by alcohol.
  2. Fill the syringe with solvent. Put the needle of the filled syringethrough rubber inside the vial.
  3. Slowly push down the plunger, gradually inject the full content of thesyringe into vial. Caution: Rapid addition of the solvent may cause foaming, making itdifficult to withdraw CinnoVex™.
  4. Keeping the syringe attached to the vial, gently swirl the vial until allthe powder has dissolved. Avoid shaking the vial vigorously sincethis will produce a froth. Discard the vial if the solution appears cloudy, or if you can seeparticles floating in it.
  5. Push the plunger fully into the syringe to remove air.
  6. Slowly pull the plunger back until all the liquid is in thesyringe.
  7. Open the wrapping of the extra needle to expose the connection port.Keep the protective cover over the needle and set aside withprocessing step No. 9.
  8. Hold the base of the filled syringe and remove it from the vial.Do not touch the connection part.
  9. Put the extra needle onto the filled syringe.
  10. Pull the protective cover off the needle and keep it nearby.
  11. Turn the syringe and needle upside down. To remove air, gently tap thesyringe to bring the bubbles up. Slowly push the plunger to remove the air without expelling more thana small drop of liquid. Replace the needle cover and set aside while theinjection site is prepared.
  12. Injection:
    The injection site should be chosen and cleaned with a new alcohol swabbefore injection. Remove the plastic needle cover and insert the needlethrough the skin into the muscle. Inject slowly and remove the syringe. Then if necessary, apply a sticking plaster to the site of injection.

    Disposing of the rubbish properly: Put the needle, syringe, and vial into a sharps container. Waste paper andused swabs can be put in an ordinary rubbish bin.

    Action to be taken in case of overdose:
    Because of the route of administration and presentation, an overdoseis unlikely to occur. Nevertheless, an overdose of any drugs should beavoided. If there is any concern about an overdose, call your doctor orpharmacist for further advise.

    If CinnoVex™ has been forgotten:
    If you forget to take your CinnoVex™ in time, continue to take it from theday of the next scheduled dose, and do not make your dose doubled.

    Treatment Duration: Your physician will determine your treatment duration. It is important tocontinue, and not alter your medication unless your doctor advises youotherwise.